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We Miss Restaurants! Design Competition

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Izabela Daniela Kovacicova

ID: 1506

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ID: 1506
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Pandemic affected our daily lives, thousands of people around the world, and social distancing led us to a more virtual existence. We have lost contact not only with the outside world,  friends, families, but especially we have disconnected ourselves from the natural world. Pandemic showed us that, despite all the innovative technologies and modern life, the most important aspect of our lives is contact with our loved ones and mental well-being. Restaurants in the days before the pandemic were places where we could spend time with friends, feel relaxed, discover new tastes, and meet new people. But after a pandemic, we need more than that. The idea of the restaurant is to reconnect with the Natural World, which always had a positive impact on our lives and our mental health.  

The restaurant named REJOIN brings nature and architecture into one with the use of natural materials. This concept of a restaurant can be applied and situated anywhere in the world in any natural setting. The journey through the restaurant brings an unforgettable experience with nature where customers can gain new energy, enjoy food from local ingredients, and be in a space where design and nature can coexist in harmony. At the entrance of the restaurant is a glass box with various types of exotic plants which invite visitors into space and creates an idea of entering the forest, the tropical vegetation continues inside where the greenery hangs from the indoor wooden construction. In the middle of the restaurant dominates an indoor garden with a skylight that can be used as a space for sitting, dining, or space for musicians. From almost every side, the customers are surrounded by trees, plants flowers with plenty of natural light coming inside to create an idea to dining in Nature.

This concept aimed to use as many natural materials as possible, including hempcrete, recycled terrazzo tiles, jesmonite and recycled plastic for the furniture, timber, or Eco-Cem that is an eco-friendly material made from post-consumer recycled content, cement binder, with reclaimed fly ash. The combination of rough and raw materials enhances the beauty of plants, trees, and flowers placed inside of the space. The restaurant is an airy and bright space with the use of pastel colors that creates a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere.

The space distribution creates four different integrated areas which are connected, including open seating area,  small quiet spaces where you are surrounded by nature with a sense of intimacy. The next space includes an area for groups where customers can enjoy the view of the open kitchen yet still be surrounded by natural elements and the last one is the outdoor part of the restaurant used for either private events or as a place for live music.

This restaurant creates a pleasant environment that brings us back to Nature with health benefits, so the restaurant can be a new therapeutical place for us.

Izabela Daniela KovacicovaIzabela Daniela KovacicovaIzabela Daniela KovacicovaIzabela Daniela Kovacicova

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