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We Miss Restaurants! Design Competition

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Arina Tolstenkova

ID: 1505

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ID: 1505
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The last year was a year of big changes. People discovered a new way to live. The closure of restaurants, cafes and other public places became a huge problem for everyone. And now many people miss meeting with friends and conversations.
As you know, a cozy atmosphere is highly dependent on lighting. From time immemorial, light attracted people, especially the light from the fire. This is the main idea of the project. The dim light in the room creates a sense of privacy and mystery. You seem to dissolve in this atmosphere. The round table also has a hidden meaning - people at the big round table are one united society. The light in the center of the round table represents the hearth. In addition to dim light, there are bright light spots. These are vivid memories of the time when people got together.
Now it is very important that this light does not go out. People should strive to revive the old days and hope that the pandemic will end soon.

Arina TolstenkovaArina TolstenkovaArina TolstenkovaArina Tolstenkova

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