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We Miss Restaurants! Design Competition

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Ivan Cipriani, Sheila Cipriani, & Serena Mari

ID: 1504

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ID: 1504
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The spirit of this restaurant project is the concept of NATURE as a 360 degree element: natural elements must surround our life and be and integral part of every environment we live.
After many months closed in confined spaces, we need to live outdoor immersed in tranquility and relaxation to regenerate our body and mind.
The spaces of our restaurant will therefore look out towards the outside world through large windows that will lead us towards wide parks and beaches.
At the same time the interiors will reproduce familiar spaces with the elements of daily life that make us feel at home.
In the last year our habits have changed and therefore also the spaces of conviavility must be shaped by new ways of life, where the concept of privacy Is increasingly marked.
We'll create indipendent paths on natural oak paths ,wich will lead to the various reserved areas.
Inside the restaurant you abandon the wide spaces, privileging more intimate places of various sizes depending on the number of people they'll have to receive, all divided by separé.
These division will be very soft: no more rigid walls but light elements in wood and bamboo or walls completely covered with plants organized in real vertical gardens.
It will be like living outdoor in the garden of our house,where will be reproduced characterist elements such as hedges,fences and wooden gates.
The lighting will be very diffused to give comfort visual: It will be like a cloud that illuminates the sky.
Our restaurant, although It is still a refined place wants to give warmth and intimacy with a sense of well- being even in the internal of our souls.

Ivan Cipriani, Sheila Cipriani, & Serena MariIvan Cipriani, Sheila Cipriani, & Serena MariIvan Cipriani, Sheila Cipriani, & Serena MariIvan Cipriani, Sheila Cipriani, & Serena Mari

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