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We Miss Restaurants! Design Competition

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Ho Yen Liang, Sak Kar Wai (Ryan), & Vivien Ng Su-qi

ID: 1503

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ID: 1503
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B-O-H  |  Back of House

A place to enjoy stories crafted for you by culinary artists, via stimulating tastes.

B-O-H offers bespoke dining experience that invites people to participate in the journey of food making from ingredients selection to cooking, to presentation and tasting. Tell us what you feel like eating today, and watch as we turn the raw ingredients into savory courses to fulfill your cravings. Meet and connect with like-minded culinary enthusiasts as you immerse in the havens of delicacies. At the end of the journey, adjourn to the bar below to continue your conversations, and enjoy a refreshing beverage to call it a day.

The restaurant & bar will be located in a row of 4 repurposed rear portion of south-eclectic shophouses facing an alley decorated with murals about life and activities in the back lane. The name is inspired by the site context & the local history whereby the rear of the shophouse was once used to run small food businesses, usually hidden from plain sight, supported by locals knows the place well as they access from the back lanes.

Ho Yen Liang, Sak Kar Wai (Ryan), & Vivien Ng Su-qiHo Yen Liang, Sak Kar Wai (Ryan), & Vivien Ng Su-qiHo Yen Liang, Sak Kar Wai (Ryan), & Vivien Ng Su-qiHo Yen Liang, Sak Kar Wai (Ryan), & Vivien Ng Su-qi

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