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We Miss Restaurants! Design Competition

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Haares S. & Mohamed Asraf

ID: 1502

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ID: 1502
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The location we have selected is Dwaraka, Delhi. The thing that will make it special is the fact that there is an International airport very close to it. As we are especially focused on drawing the foreigner's attention towards our series of restaurants, a hub. We are planning to make a conversation between us Indians and foreigners for a better understanding after this pandemic. The main aim is to make foreigners understand our culture, food, heritage. And in return we understand them and thus it creates a bond after a long gap due to this pandemic. We hope this will create unity and bonding after all this negativity and hardships that we face today.

So, we have selected a few states and their culture along with their cuisine and along with its vernacular architectural style. The first one is Goa, then comes Punjab, Rajasthan, and Kashmir. Every design has its own unique elements, and salient features for the foreigners to experience and in turn, they understand India better for what it really is and yes enjoy the feel of the restaurant again.

•Goa is surrounded by ocean and we have tried to create that feel recreating it artificially has with its unique Gazebo design.

•Punjab is famous for its Dhaba style. It will mostly be Motels in the highway. We have made it in its authentic style with few contemporary features.

•Rajasthan is known for the Thali style. Our food will be provided to them and they need to be cross-legged in order to taste it. It is known for its Royal cuisine.

•Kashmir again has its own unique feature made like a boathouse in a man-made water body to get that same feeling of floating in the water.

Haares S. & Mohamed AsrafHaares S. & Mohamed AsrafHaares S. & Mohamed AsrafHaares S. & Mohamed Asraf

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