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Tiny House Design Competition

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Pierangelo Censi

ID: 1476

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ID: 1476
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The competition that invites us to think of a small home, as a model of change in a better life for millions of people, has stimulated my curiosity towards essential solutions for dayly life. The house I present is a small house, 37 square meters, which could fit into an area of low population density, in a lot surrounded by greenery, built completely of wood with indispensable minimum housing functions and a maximum integration to the context, with the presence of a small swimming pool to manage the moments of summer relaxation.

To give an image to the house so small in size I thought to take it to a level of 2.40 meters high, generating spaces below the service house, these spaces in my opinion make themselves vital at this time pandemic and could serve to carry out horticulture and gardening activities in the adjacent soil. The house consists of living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The systems of the kitchen and bathroom block reach the ground floor hidden in layered panels. Above the roof there are photovoltaic panels to meet the energy needs of the building. The height of the interior rooms is 2.70 meters and the structural mesh of the building uses pillars and square wooden beams of 284 mm of section. I think such a house imagining a client would definitely be comfortable.

Pierangelo CensiPierangelo CensiPierangelo CensiPierangelo Censi

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