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Tiny House Design Competition

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Kenjie Elton, Michael Joshua, Vincentius Jason, & Yovine Rachellea

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ID: 1475
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Jakarta as a city is always full of life and energy, growing at a fast rate to this day. Built on the hopes and aspirations of the nation, the city has a charm to it that excites those who walk on its urban grounds. Though as beloved as it is, the life this city carries has always been followed by major problems. High land uses, annual flooding, air pollution, heavy traffic - all of this endangering the beauty and longevity of the metropolis.

The city is growing faster than the land below it can handle. It is observed that high building load and the excessive consumption of local groundwater disrupts the natural strength of the ground. As of now, the land has already begun to sink below the sea level and it is estimated that by the next few generations, our cherished coastal city is going to sink. The inevitable urban problems make us dream about an adaptable, resilient home in an attempt to thrive in the sinking city. With the busy lifestyle in the city, we want to live in a safe, simple dwelling, one that still stands in the face of many problems to come.

Preparing for the future, resiliency is needed to help us dwell and adapt for forthcoming changes. Resiliency preserves the culture of a city that might be lost in time just like atlantis. The form was inspired by traditional Javanese houses that shows a perseverance of our culture and showcases the genius loci of Indonesians. It deploys a stage house that is vernacular to its given location and shows the local spirit that will preserve through time and change.

We aspire to make our future homes resilient, one that keeps the local values of our traditions all the while adapting to new challenges. The tiny house is a humble solution, made to preserve the livelihood of Jakarta and as a form of sustainable lifestyle. Located on the coastline of North Jakarta, the tiny house is prepared to float if and when the city sinks. Before the water rises, the house lays steadily on the shore of the city. When the waters rise, the house stays afloat - resilient, safe and sound above the waters.

The form of resiliency is also explored with space flexibility. As space becomes luxury in a tiny house, having flexible spaces ensures optimum usage of space for any occasion, so that the size of the house does not limit the activity. This also equates to the sustainability aspect of living small as having a smaller space should not downgrade the quality of the activities. Eventually residing in a sinking coastal city means we should live downsized, alongside the ocean, and anticipate to live in the future environment.

Kenjie Elton, Michael Joshua, Vincentius Jason, & Yovine RachelleaKenjie Elton, Michael Joshua, Vincentius Jason, & Yovine RachelleaKenjie Elton, Michael Joshua, Vincentius Jason, & Yovine RachelleaKenjie Elton, Michael Joshua, Vincentius Jason, & Yovine Rachellea

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