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Tiny House Design Competition

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Soojin Moon, Sooyoung Kim, Seokmin Song, Donguk Kim, & Jinhyeok Woo

ID: 1472

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ID: 1472
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Demonstrations are skyrocketing worldwide. From the streets of Hong Kong to Bolivia-La Paz, Port-au-Prince, Quito, Barcelona, Santiago and Myanmar, many people are exercising their right to go out and demonstrate, demanding change from the authorities. Unfortunately, this demonstration is commonly subjected to severe suppression by the government, which causes almost all mental and physical damage to them. The thin, small tents they used failed to protect their aspirations from the violence of the powerful.

To express their aspirations is to exercise their own human rights. That is why demonstrations must be allowed so that they can be exercised, and their homes must physically and mentally protect them from violence and power.

Our Tiny house, which resembles a bud in contrast to the desolate and struggling external environment, metaphorically expresses the aspirations of protesters who have yet to bloom. Such a flexible, soft-shaped small house provides physical protection with the user.

A filter at the top of a tiny house structure purifies the outside air and the petals (membrane structures)  physically protects the house from external violence like tear gas. External panels convert the demonstrations into energy to power the house. And medical scanners and AR projectors installed inside the house provide them with the environment they need through physical and emotional diagnosis.

The Tiny house consists of one structure and several membranes. The petals of the buds are symbolic elements that remind us of our past aspirations as one street garden structure and the desert environment of the demonstration.

Today, power and violence suppress many people's right to demonstrate. Protecting people from such disasters is the most basic function that architecture needs to do. We believe that protecting the human rights and rights of demonstrators is more necessary than anything else, including environmental issues and the pandemic situation, and that architecture is the best way to contribute to society and culture around the world.

I hope the small house we designed will provide a small resting place for those who want to fulfill the aspirations of themselves and the community.

Soojin Moon, Sooyoung Kim, Seokmin Song, Donguk Kim, & Jinhyeok WooSoojin Moon, Sooyoung Kim, Seokmin Song, Donguk Kim, & Jinhyeok WooSoojin Moon, Sooyoung Kim, Seokmin Song, Donguk Kim, & Jinhyeok WooSoojin Moon, Sooyoung Kim, Seokmin Song, Donguk Kim, & Jinhyeok Woo

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