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ID: 1469
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Speed, monotony, noise of the city, crowd, pandemics... Taught us to get behind. Stop for a while, and notice that  humankind is derived from the nature. Eliminate earthly desires and the meta. Humankind belongs to nature.
Today, we all have one desire in common “silence, peace and leisure”. There is a lake surrounded with forests below a valley, a hidden heaven below the road elevation in Ankara. Eymir Lake. It's an oasis hidden below the urban context. An oasis where citizens visit when they miss nature and serenity.There are several activities available, canoeing, fishing, cycling...But mostly, people prefer only walking on Eymir's wiggly roads surrounded with the forests. It's a place of transformation. A tour around the lake is enough for a person to question how can nature build such a flawless centre of leisure... The "Phyto-House" is designed on the shore of Eymir Lake.

The basic idea of this project is to “obtain from nature”.
To get something out of nature, it is best to be inspired by those who live in nature.

Living in a tiny house means freedom, mobility and changing conditions due to location change. Sometimes on a lake, in a forest or on a mountain…It means adabtability, being able to use energy without electrical connection to the urban infrastructure and using water independent from the municipal water system. Accordingly, a tiny house is a “self-sustaining” house.

Plants, which play an important role in sustaining
ecosystem, are the professionals of self sustainability. Plants create an ideal model for a tiny house by generating their own energy through photosynthesis, with their roots that allow them to take water from soil and store it, and by removing excessed water vapor with transpiration.

The project is basically gets its inspiration from how a plant sustains it's life as befits the name, "φυτόν (phutón, “plant”)". The building has its own leafs for photosynthesis on its roofs, for optimal placement of PV panels.
The butterfly roof with a secondary inclination to the West is designed considering rainwater harvesting, taking water to the "roots" of building, and then the technical area which provides filtered rainwater to whole building.


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