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Tiny House Design Competition

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Nargis Islam Tisha, Fariha Hasin, & Md. Rezanur Rahman Chowdhury

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ID: 1467
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The country we belong is blessed with natural beauties like mountains, tillas, rivers, the longest sea beach cox’s bazar and many more. As we choose to built our tiny house in srimongol, Sylhet moulovibazar which is known as the tea capital of Bangladesh due to the number of tea gardens in the area. We tried to put our emphasis to built a relation between human & nature.

Nature teaches us the meaning of life through its varities & its uses without wastage. We tried to use the local materials such as brick, wood as our structure to built the tiny house because it will help the economy of the locality and it will costs low. We will provide the furnitures of multiple use which will precise the space consume & also try to prepare it by using local wood & boards which sustains longer. The space is designed following the modern architecture that gives the proper utilization of every space & thus gives the users the facility to enjoy the architecture and the nature at the same time.

Rise terrace is selected as the site because the practice of tilling sloped land along lines of consistent elevation in order to conserve rainwater and to reduce soil losses from surface erosion. These objectives are achieved by means of furrows, crop rows, and wheel tracks across slopes, all of which act as reservoirs to catch and retain rain water.

Modern architecture tells us about the easing the lifestyle by emphasizing the usable space more than outer looks. And it emphasizes the sustainability more than anything else. The users who will live here will be able to produce their own electricity by using solar panel. They will be able to store the rain water for their usage because  srimongol is a highest rainy zone & as it is in the peak of a mountain the percentage will be more high. So accepting it not as a problem but as a natural asset it would be use as daily need. By using solar electricity when in need and most of the time using the natural ventilation will reduce the carbon footprint and will enhance the living more natural. Nature will not be hampered by producing more and more carbon. This will give the people an attractive tiny house to live in where they will be able to enjoy their time which will be called home rather than artificial congested small place where it won’t work as natural heal reliever.

Moreover our tiny house creating a path towards human who will be able to connect their lives with nature by living in such a place where life will amaze them everyday with the natural views, natural ventilation, removing suffocations, reducing carbon footprints, producing their own needs by themselves where life will tell them that life is a blessing not a burden. It is created for enjoying each seconds, not to waste a single moment by cursing it.

Nargis Islam Tisha, Fariha Hasin, & Md. Rezanur Rahman ChowdhuryNargis Islam Tisha, Fariha Hasin, & Md. Rezanur Rahman ChowdhuryNargis Islam Tisha, Fariha Hasin, & Md. Rezanur Rahman ChowdhuryNargis Islam Tisha, Fariha Hasin, & Md. Rezanur Rahman Chowdhury

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