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Tiny House Design Competition

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Alejandro Anaya, David Alfaro, Valeria Ramirez, & Rodrigo Solís

ID: 1464

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ID: 1464
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The house is located in the mountains of Heredia, on a steep hill surrounded by tropical rainforest. The cabin is composed of one simple volume that contains all the living space required for a house .The volume of the cabin house comes from a simple, functional and compact configuration; becoming a private and public space simultaneously.

The kitchen comprises the main space, which makes the rest of the house to gather around this center.

The structure is made of dark colored wood in opposition to the atmosphere within the rest of the forest. The material continues around the interior of the cabin; on the walls, on the floor and on the ceilings. The living space is composed by a balcony that tries to combine the indoor space with the forest that surrounds the house. Hence, the balcony doors open all the way creating a mixture between living in the cabin and the exterior of the compound; which creates an ideal atmosphere and frames the mountains like a painting .The morning light enters the bedroom, warming the room. In it you can also find a sunshade wall that helps to defuse the light, making the room warm and cozy. The footprint of the house is around 35.40m2 with a full size kitchen, balcony, an office space, a bedroom and a bathroom; the house tries to combine all this modules.

The space is contemplated for an architect and his/her spouse having a large study to work and enough space suitable for co-sharing and living. The house was designed for the enjoyment of company; with a couple of friends or family. So we decided not to sacrifice any kitchen space making a full size open kitchen that becomes the center of social interaction between the dining space, living space and balcony within a same social space.

Alejandro Anaya, David Alfaro, Valeria Ramirez, & Rodrigo SolísAlejandro Anaya, David Alfaro, Valeria Ramirez, & Rodrigo SolísAlejandro Anaya, David Alfaro, Valeria Ramirez, & Rodrigo SolísAlejandro Anaya, David Alfaro, Valeria Ramirez, & Rodrigo Solís

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