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Tiny House Design Competition

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Diocel Glaiza O. Dalida & John Elmer A. Señeres

ID: 1463

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ID: 1463
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Filipinos had long been living in houses, mostly small and with communal space, such as the Bahay Kubo and other versions of it in the history of Philippine Architecture. Even today, houses of such still exist in rural areas and slums. Taking some inspiration from the Philippines’ traditional house, the Balai Tanaw is designed incorporating elements such as the “banggerahan” where dishes are put to dry, a communal space that could cater to the daily activities of the owners, and fusing it with some modern fittings, methods and materials to create a modifiable and comfortable home. While some bahay kubo with lesser floor area have living rooms that are also used as sleeping area by rolling out mats, the Balai Tanaw tiny house design uses this as an inspiration by adding a retractable floor over the bedroom space to create a maximized living or recreational space. Balai Tanaw is taken from the Filipino word Balai/Balay meaning House; and Tanaw meaning view, landscape, attitude, and/or vision. The design also features vertical gardening which is supplied with water through the storm water collection system. This tiny house design explores other planning alternatives on how to make use and enhance the potential of the spaces in a limited floor area without limiting the lifestyle of the homeowners but only highlighting the comfort of home.

Diocel Glaiza O. Dalida & John Elmer A. SeñeresDiocel Glaiza O. Dalida & John Elmer A. SeñeresDiocel Glaiza O. Dalida & John Elmer A. SeñeresDiocel Glaiza O. Dalida & John Elmer A. Señeres

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