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Tiny House Design Competition

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Kylie Chan & Nicole Kondratovits

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ID: 1462
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A city in constant motion like Vancouver is not necessarily a good place for permanent residence. With the highest population density in Canada, it is unsurprising that its streets are always bustling with life. Many hope for a quiet neighborhood away from the noise, which is why they opt for living in a more secluded location like the 40-acre East Kootenay lot, where we based our 37.14 square meter tiny home. Living in a remote place allows for a clear distinction between work and one’s personal life which becomes important for us as aspiring architects and engineers as we tend to draw inspiration from our natural environment which is rare to find in the city. With this in mind, much of the home’s design was based on the concept of integrating the outdoors with the indoors along with a special focus on maximizing internal space and lighting. The core of its design was heavily inspired by modern architecture as evidenced by the flat roof, the many glass surfaces and the emphasis on straight forms.
Taking advantage of the lot’s breathtaking views—the Rocky Mountains lying beyond the vast Baptiste Lake—are the many windows strategically placed around the perimeter of the tiny home. Besides the windows, the tiny home features an upper-level balcony that is accessible from both the outdoor stairs and the bedroom. The balcony is partially covered to offer a semi-shaded outdoor space. It is only partially shaded because there is a skylight cut through the center to provide warmth in the cooler seasons and a great view of the night sky within the comfort of the house. With a little over 12 square meters, the balcony acts as an intimate space that is perfect for hosting guests or even for a 2-person yoga session.
In tune with the outdoorsy concept of the tiny home is the kitchen unit which features a fridge, and an integrated range and sink. The honed marble countertop which extends outside, across an operable window is an integral feature of the tiny home as it bridges the outdoors with the indoors, allowing its residents to interact across the two environments when the window is propped open. The indoor seating in the corner imitates restaurant booths to maximize space by wrapping around the countertop.
As for maximizing internal space, the stairs are tucked between the storage units on the first floor and can be pulled out when necessary for accessing the second floor. The storage units were pushed to the side, lining a single wall on both first and second floors to open up the floor space for different purposes like the leather couch on the first floor. This couch faces a blank wall reserved for casting movies from the overhead projector.
The tiny home creates an escape from the daily stresses by providing a tranquil environment where individuals have access to all the amenities of a traditional home, but in a compact space, while being surrounded by nature.

Kylie Chan & Nicole KondratovitsKylie Chan & Nicole KondratovitsKylie Chan & Nicole KondratovitsKylie Chan & Nicole Kondratovits

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