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Tiny House Design Competition

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Bahareh Shirkhanloo

ID: 1459

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ID: 1459
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Every time there is a very big problem in my life, I remember Eagles. Yes, there is a very powerful inspiration with eagles if you look at their life closely. When there is a storm, they fly very hard all the way up to pass the dark clouds and to get over top of them where the sun is shining and everything is quiet. They think very big, they build their nest at a very high point of the mountains where its very hard to reach. They also do this because they can see everything easily and can identify their next hunt. That’s how I see a house. It should be located in a very calm location up in the mountains where you can see all the things going on in the world from the top and far away from humans’ thunderstorms. I love to have an ocean view which gives me calmness and having a clear sky full of stars at the top of my head and can see the moon when I lay over the ground which all of these reminds me how small we are compared to the whole universe. Home should be stable, should be strong and become part of its surrounding environment. My house also has eyes; With those big circled window shapes, it is looking at the nature and everything around. The round shapes keep it alive and makes a reminder that life is in progress and moving on and is alive. Home should be where you feel comfortable, relax and spend your time happily.
The usage of very light materials keeps the look of the house very unmuted, camouflaged with the nature and keeps everything quiet. It has the potential of expansion based on tenants need overtime. I call it the “Eagle of Mountains”. This is a very conceptual design to think about things differently since I believe our mind is unlimited and everything is possible. That reminds me a quote from Maeda Media book by John Maeda that says: “Do not prevent us from exploring what we cannot construct.” Let’s think about everything differently and bring up the question of “what if?” more frequently.

Bahareh ShirkhanlooBahareh ShirkhanlooBahareh ShirkhanlooBahareh Shirkhanloo

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