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Tiny House Design Competition

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Ela Ranković

ID: 1458

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ID: 1458
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This tiny forest floral fairy home is my first 3D model of a tiny house (actually 3D model of anything ever) I made all by myself from drawing to rendering! I really hope that one day I'll be able to build it for real with a little help from my friends :)

It started from the idea of making an octagonal shaped house (cuz I like playing with unusual shapes) with a nice bathtub (cuz I really love aromatherapeutic baths:), and it ended with a hot air balloon in the garden as an idea of it being the main option for transport :P (because why not:)

The house consists of an openspace kitchen and living room, gallery with bed and bathroom underneath the gallery ... Big windows are there for enjoying the beautiful surrounding nature from every part of the house, even though the plan is being most of the time outside the house to connect with nature with all of the senses... Don't know what else I need to say... Yes, I followed the rules of the standard dimensions of the tiny houses so its area is around 36.5 m2(ground floor and the gallery) and it's less than 4 m tall... But I wouldn't move it once I build it, I would rather make another one in another place or make a few for my friends in the same place :)

I hope you like my tiny forest floral fairy home as much as I do! Good luck everyone <3

Ela RankovićEla RankovićEla RankovićEla Ranković

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