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Tiny House Design Competition

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Manisha Jaidka

ID: 1457

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ID: 1457
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I named my tiny house as “Nestvana” which has been derived from two words Nest (tiny house is like a human nest) and Nirvana ( a state of perfect happiness where there is no suffering).

Known as the warmest and one of the most inhabitable cities in Canada, Victoria BC, nests my tiny house that will provide you the living experience of Nirvana.
Nestvana, drawing on a "cabin in the woods" theme, is a tiny modular house encompassed by an expansive, serene wooded area.  My tiny house internalizes its surroundings' tranquility while providing recreational outlets through five intentionally designed zones located in different parts of the home.  
Zone 1 is an indoor-outdoor bar area in the front of the house.  A kitchen serving window is the gateway between the kitchen and outdoor bar stools and is the perfect place to spend quality time with friends and family.  Sunday cocktail brunch or a romantic candlelight dinner can feel surreal when you breathe in the enveloping woods' earthy fragrances.
Zone 2 is an open-concept bathtub extension in the back of the house.  Unwind luxuriously under a starry sky after a busy day at work.  Get creative and throw in some aromatherapy, bath salts, and a glass of wine to up your nirvana!
Zone 3 is a bay window sitting area on the house's loft level fitted with tufted cushions.  Encased by glass panels on three sides and a skylight on the roof, it streams in natural light during the day and captures the woods' allure at night.  Leisurely, kick back with a novel, enjoy a cup of coffee before work, or develop your meditation routine here to help harmonize your day.
Zone 4 and 5 is a home office fitted with a projector screen explicitly designed for remote working professionals by day and gamers by night.  Offset your busy days by furnishing with recliners and speakers to recreate a home theatre experience in the evenings.
My tiny house keeps in mind that even the tiniest of houses need to accommodate your essentials and valuables.  Storage space has been embedded into every corner of this house, from the Tansu step cabinet to the drawers below the tufted seating in the bay window sitting area.
Balancing the surreal with the practical, Nestvana breaks down walls and barriers to providing the ultimate indoor-outdoor experience that works with your busy lifestyle.  

Manisha JaidkaManisha JaidkaManisha JaidkaManisha Jaidka

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