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Tiny House Design Competition

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Alexander Gabisov & Nikita Gritsuk

ID: 1454

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ID: 1454
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The streets of the metropolis are both endless and devoid of free space while the roof creates an additional level of the city that’s open to alternative development. A new "traditional" environment is being formed in this space. Lightweight and mobile superstructures continue the functions of a modern city. There you can find peace and tranquility, which is so necessary in a dynamic city life.
This process is catalyzed by spaces, which are actively changing following social processes. These are the territories of former factories – today they contain clusters of art in Moscow. We choose the Krasny Oktyabr factory on Bresnevskaya embankment in our case. Following in the footsteps of creative studios, the project provides a haven in the heart of the action, but hidden on an additional roof level. This area is free from the street grid’s rules; it forms another independent habitat.
Our home is a meditative refuge of the creator, who periodically ascends upstairs to retire and hide from the city stream. Our home is an independent unit on a deserted flat-roofed field, it creates a certain atmosphere around itself. The most daring ideas are reflected here, because they are hidden from any outside observer. The layout of the house is symmetrical, built around a “metal” core, the interior flows in a circle from the living room to the workshop, the only way out is a staircase that leads up to the “cube”. The complete fusion of the internal volume maximizes the space and this effect is enhanced by the translucent top. The visual image of the exterior is built in sharp contrast to the existing architecture. The traditional brick material is technically opposed by materials that are usually hidden from the observer - roll insulation and galvanized steel. As part of a technical rooftop zone, the house redefines the role of these materials – now they are a symbol of radical cultural and social intervention.

Alexander Gabisov & Nikita GritsukAlexander Gabisov & Nikita GritsukAlexander Gabisov & Nikita GritsukAlexander Gabisov & Nikita Gritsuk

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