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Tiny House Design Competition

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Gabriela Nikolova & Lina Batthik

ID: 1452

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ID: 1452
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From our point of view, a tiny house is made for people that enjoy living on the road. Our project will give them the opportunity to do so without leaving their comfort behind.
They can put all their needs in it, without having to worry about the size. The house is designed in a way that allows them to take advantage of two different size.
On the road the house will be 21 square meters and when it is static it almost doubles in size. In other words, it is obtained through a system that works like an accordion deploying its bellows.  
The static box contains the kitchen and the sanitary block. On the two opposites sides of this same block, the deployment system takes place. On one side we have the living-area, which is devided into different spaces: a dining, a working, and a living area.
Those common spaces are directly related to the entrance. On the other side, there is a more private area: the bedroom. To access it, you must go though the kitchen or the laundry room.
The kitchen and the laundry room are on two opposites sides of the static block. They are also used to articulate the transition between the common and the private area. This space-organization permits to multiply the possibilities of circulation inside the house. It also gives the illusion of a bigger house, corporally and visually. This illusion is allowed by the transparent doors and the windows that are put on the transition axes.
 This accordion system is using transparent PVC tarpaulin permitting the users to be completely emerged into the nature. This allows a transparency both on the bellow sides and on the roof. This material is attached to a timber structure, that is used both as a structure and a furniture storage. In other words, to be as functional and compact as possible the furniture has the same deployment system as the rest of the house. This offers the possibility to organize the space following the needs of the owners.
 To conclude, in its compact-closed form, the house is protected by the floor of the deployed parts. In fact, the floor folds to become the lateral walls of the static bloc. In its unfolded form, next to the living room, the floor has a second attachment that can be deployed as a terrace. There the owners can enjoy their evenings and the unlimited possible views, laying on the deployable chairs.
We finally agree with Socrates when he says: “The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.

Gabriela Nikolova & Lina BatthikGabriela Nikolova & Lina BatthikGabriela Nikolova & Lina BatthikGabriela Nikolova & Lina Batthik

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