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Tiny House Design Competition

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Megan Chung Wei Jin

ID: 1444

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ID: 1444
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Apartment search in big cities are often a difficult task, same goes to Duesseldorf which I have currently moved to 4 months ago, experiencing first hand the scarcity of apartments with good living space quality and affordable rental at the same time, which is the sole purpose of a tiny house. The proposed design is a parasitic tiny house that latches onto an existing building's roof top, in the corner of Charlottenstr., 5 minutes walk away from my office. This allows the connection of the tiny house to the existing piping system and also the electrical grid, minimizing economic investment and utilizing resources. The access to the tiny house is possible through an existing stairway. In an attempt to mold the house around my lifestyle, important daily spaces are located on the same floor, with a central rotating element that defines the space as according to needs. It contains ample storage spaces as well as a 2-way cabinet that stores a sofa on wheels, enabling maximum mobility. Along the wall that unfolds a pull-down bed, low cabinets and clothing rails serve as the wardrobe, which can be covered up in the morning by a curtain, giving the space a soft touch while hiding the clutter behind it. The foldable tables and bed is not only space saving but also opens up new possibilities of the open space. A small self-care space is placed on the mezzanine floor, utilizing the high ceiling height and also providing a calm, light flooded, enclosed space that is needed for breathing exercises and meditation. As the house receives sunlight diagonally, with a south-west facing orientation, ample sunlight can be received through the sliding glass doors / skylights into the entire space. To conclude, this tiny house offers the possibility to stay centrally, with an affordable rate, creating comfortable living conditions with flexible and elegant solutions.

Megan Chung Wei JinMegan Chung Wei JinMegan Chung Wei JinMegan Chung Wei Jin

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