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Chin, Han-Yung

ID: 1441

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ID: 1441
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Urban Unit Residence
-Utilization of Deformed Lands

  Nowadays, many deformed lands in big cities, near industrial areas or in old town areas, where the texture junctions or crease of these urban edges locate. Some of the corner places with high commercial value may be purposefully reserved, or It is a piecemeal land that is illegally to build.
  I was thinking about whether these lands could be used for other purposes besides opening them up as public spaces. This idea is mainly to imagine that with a simple residential unit, I hope it can be copied and mass-produced, and quickly built and placed in the deformed lands in the city, it can be used as a residence or a personal studio, which can temporarily alleviate the housing problem before the urban renewal or rezoning.
  A modular volume, but you can manage the interior and planting according to the preferences of the homeowner, so that the high-density urban context can appear some new textures.

Chin, Han-YungChin, Han-YungChin, Han-YungChin, Han-Yung

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