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Jaho Hung-Yi

ID: 1440

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ID: 1440
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Sustainable adaptation space

 Nowadays, the world is still facing the problems of conflict between human beings and natures. The environment and climate change are becoming more and more serious, and the phenomenon is even more obvious in cities. How can we reduce the damage and burden on the environment?

In this way, we are exploring how to coexist with nature in the urban jungle. Sustainable development is a key point. We are trying to make buildings and living spaces use renewable energy or maintain their own supplying system by itself. In
a limited space, adaptation is an objective. By using a lot of Transparent building materials, which introduce natural light in a greenhouse-like manner. The upper half uses translucent materials to control a large amount of direct sunlight at specific time such as noon. The staggered space adjusts indoor airflow, temperature and humidity to make the interior more comfortable. The internal space constructed by the stacked blocks, and it can create multiple platforms for the external facade to plant green plants.

It is important to use detachable construction that can be easily disassembled and assembled, so that the building can be easily moved to other places, and it can achieve flexible using. In demolition, it also reduces the waste of building materials generated when the fixed building is removed. It helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment. The location of the residence will be selected between the residential area and the urban green space to consistent with our design philosophy.

Jaho Hung-YiJaho Hung-YiJaho Hung-YiJaho Hung-Yi

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