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Gas Station of the Future Design Competition

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Wong Chiming Edward

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ID: 144
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Tesla Logistic center

1) Question
What is the value of existing gas station? Why it is Tesla’s? We need to answer these two questions before making the vision for the future of gas station. a) There are over 130000 gas stations in the US and most of them occupying the most valuable land in the world. The most valuable point is the density and quantity of this network. Utilizing this huge network can be easily start a totally new business mode. b) Tesla is an American automotive and energy company, it has its own autopilot system and quick charging technology, which can be used in logistic industry.  

2) Program-logistic center add on existing B2C sales model
Although online shopping is popular, there are some problems waiting to solve. a)people need shopping guide as too much similar items. b)people need help when shopping tailor-made product. c)luxury products are excluded from ‘no reason return policy’. Some Shopping platform have ‘no reason return policy’, Customers can return the product if they have changed their mind after receiving.

More and more people calling for ‘something’ in between Online shopping and real shopping mall. Taking the advantages of gas station network and Tesla’s technology, a new logistic business is born.

Long distance logistic (provided by others)>>>short distance logistic + customer service  (Tesla logistic center)>>>customer

3) Design explanation
a)First floor is logistic area, second floor is custom service area, vertical lifting machine will transfer the product up and down. A ‘U’ shape conveyor belt is designed for drone. Certain number of super changing posts are being kept for car and drone charging. b)Simple and transparent outlook which can be easily plugin different parts of the city. c)Original gas station roof is about 6-7meter high, design will keep this height balance with surrounding.  

4) Expectation
I hope Tesla logistic center will become a new business mode when can improve existing B2C sales system, on the other hand, it can be a new social place for existing urban area, pop-up activities can be held in the center.

Wong Chiming EdwardWong Chiming EdwardWong Chiming EdwardWong Chiming Edward

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