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Jia-Yu Lin

ID: 1438

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ID: 1438
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Whether the houses in Taiwan are new or old, the biggest feature is that they almost are illegal. Not only does the original building become as ugly as clothes patching, but there are also many hidden concerns about fire protection and public safety.
According to statistics made by the Ministry of the Interior in 2016, there are 660,000 illegal buildings in Taiwan.

Illegal constructions, according to the definition of the Ministry of the Interior, refers to "buildings constructed and used without authorization by the competent construction authority and issued with construction and use licenses." In accordance with Article 2 of the Measures for Dealing with Illegal Buildings: The illegal buildings referred to in these Measures are those in the areas where the Construction Law is applicable and must be approved by the local competent construction authority and issued a license before they can be constructed without authorization.

The emergence of illegal construction is that residents due to legal restrictions and insufficient use of space. Illegal construction may violate Taiwan’s building regulations, but its use can meet the needs of the people. If you look at it from the perspective of benefiting the people, I personally regard it not illegal. The emergence of more and more illegal constructions has indeed achieved one of Taiwan's characteristics, but at the same time it has also vilified Taiwan's environment.

In order to solve the problem that the population will rise in the future, the lack of land resources and the compression of living space will make the problem of illegal construction worse, I put forward an experimental plan, and hoping to make Taiwan better.
I improved the insecurity and impermeability of traditional illegal constructions through transformational methods, and used another method to present Taiwan's characteristics. Because the traditional illegal construction is additionally covered on the roof, I liken it to a parasite. As if we are also parasitic and hustling every day in this busy society. I just hope to have a world of ourselves where is nothing to do, accompanied by cute cats, and enjoy the leisure time which is unique to this society.

1. Transform the traditional steel pipe structure to lighter steel pipes. Connect the bottom directly to the foundation to achieve improvement with minimal damage.
2. Change the traditional form of iron sheet to lighter and environmentally friendly materials to do our best to protect the earth.

Jia-Yu LinJia-Yu LinJia-Yu LinJia-Yu Lin

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