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Tiny House Design Competition

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Bader Shams Aldeen & Bahaa Bou Kalfouni

ID: 1436

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ID: 1436
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Type: Tiny house on wheels
Project area: 30 m2
Dimensions: 10m x 2.5m
Users: 2 people & dog
The tiny house project "dream big in a small space" set in Mount-Lebanon close to a swamp, one of the most stunning and stimulating landscape. The task furnished the opportunity to rethink tiny space, which reflects on our physical and mental identity (size & beliefs). In the first stages, a numerous issue has been extensively studied, helped in transforming our intention to a physical space. The aim of our design to present sustainable and Eco-friendly tiny house responds to our environment and personal urgent needs.
lately, the Covid-19 pandemic proof that our houses function as a human factory for various activities. work, cook and harvest, read and relax, exercise and sleep. In addition to that, we realized the fact about face masks which is being used to fight against the virus provides a major new source of pollution along with the globe. therefore, we proposed to reuse face masks “recycle” in order to create and use the outcome for construction aims (frames, panels and walls, cladding “facade strips”, windows, doors and furniture).
Adaptability and flexibility considered essential here, responding to the desired activities that we are experiencing during the pandemic. The first floor consists of:
1. Aquaponics farming: as far as we are vegetarian we propose to implement aquaponics farming which allows us to grow our fish and vegetables, our small farm edged by glass door, provides ventilation and improves circulation.
2. We proposed treadmill to function as a working station, which produce energy (can charge small devices), and functions as sofa. Partially connected to a curve ladder leads to the second floor by considering the climb as an adventure.
3. Inspiring kitchen with a pleasant view to the landscape connected with two adjustable dining tables (indoor and outdoor) and a sofa.
4. Toilet with a corner tub exposed to nature helps us to recharge our energy and retreat in style.
The second floor consists of 2 bedrooms with skylights that offer the opportunity to gaze up at the night sky and observe the surrounding through windows - Master bedroom connected directly by staircase.
The Guest bedroom accessible by 2 ladders, includes different activities, like: using laptops, reading or drawing, in addition to farm caring in the upper part. Our tiny house provided with solar panels on the roof and electricity line from the village in case of the need for extra energy. Tanks implemented aside from the house in order to harvest rainwater and purify lake water. RV hookups for water, the wastewater connected to the village sewer.
As a conclusion, we believe in going small. Our dream tiny house objectives to use less material, self-sustaining, respond to life historic moments “pandemic” recycling material, less waste, going green without sacrifice, reduce energy use, lower carbon footprint, and spend quality time.

Bader Shams Aldeen & Bahaa Bou KalfouniBader Shams Aldeen & Bahaa Bou KalfouniBader Shams Aldeen & Bahaa Bou KalfouniBader Shams Aldeen & Bahaa Bou Kalfouni

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