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Tiny House Design Competition

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JO youhee, Ryu Jeong Hoon, & BAK JUNGYU

ID: 1435

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ID: 1435
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The arrival of COVID-19 has changed daily life in every way. As the outbreak of pandemic continues to spread across the world, lifestyle changes, such as social distancing that discourages face-to-face interaction and a rapid increase in the use of virtual education and telecommuting services, also affect the residential environment.
Although the main purpose of conventional residence is intended to provide human beings with a place to rest, more complex programs including work, exercise, and cultural life, and education have been adopted after COVID-19 outbreak.

The design focuses on the meaning and role of architecture as a dwelling space that adapts to a new way of life in the post-COVID-19 era.
The design strategy is to plan three divisions in the dwelling space in order to prevent the spread of disease. This can be achieved by placement of a combination of rectangles and squares with a washbasin placed next to the entrance and a wide window for natural  ventilation, etc.

For example, resident can practice yoga in a rectangular corridor and a square space can be a good place to talk and laugh. Bedrooms can be separated by different uses, and the movable partitions between them are allowed to enlarge the space along with the living room. In addition, the upper level space in the maisonette will be a comfortable space to foster cultural life such as reading and watching movies.

JO youhee, Ryu Jeong Hoon, & BAK JUNGYUJO youhee, Ryu Jeong Hoon, & BAK JUNGYUJO youhee, Ryu Jeong Hoon, & BAK JUNGYUJO youhee, Ryu Jeong Hoon, & BAK JUNGYU

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