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Tiny House Design Competition

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David Burtenshaw, Vicky Zhou, Angela Chen, & Rebecca Damsteegt

ID: 1433

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ID: 1433
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This tiny home is a tranquil paradise to escape from the tumultuous concrete jungles that trap the everyday lives of many. Situated in the depths of the Rocky Mountains near Banff, Alberta, the home is perfectly poised on a luscious grass plateau covered with soaring evergreens. It is the perfect getaway, with both built-in fun and endless outdoor activities. The rippling of a nearby river creates a soothing environment that echoes through the mountains, in contrast to the commotion and chaos of the urban world. The home features an assortment of sharp angles and abstract design choices, that are mellowed out by a collection of soft, cool tones that help the home blend in with the surrounding nature.

Sharp pops of color are contrasted by accents of locally sourced wood, which help to create an engaging environment while staying connected to Banff’s deepest roots. The large window panes that enclose the east side of the house allow for a picturesque backdrop to the sitting area. The wrap around glass offers a stunning view from every angle and allows users to become fully immersed and connected to nature. Triple glazed windows prevent heat from escaping the home while flooding it with ample natural light. A spacious loft overlooking the sitting area provides a place for various activities, as well as plenty of storage, resting and work space.

The loft can be accessed either by the stairs, or for those that wish to channel their inner child, a rock climbing wall leads to a comfy window seat. The south facing solar panels and energy efficient heaters allow for a comfortable environment by maximizing solar heat gain and minimizing heat loss. This allows tenants to enjoy an off grid lifestyle and unplug, all while enjoying a nice cup of coffee with a view of the Rockies. This tiny home encompasses all aspects of an adventurous lifestyle on a site that is fully immersed in nature, thus making it the perfect escape from the bustle of everyday life.

David Burtenshaw, Vicky Zhou, Angela Chen, & Rebecca DamsteegtDavid Burtenshaw, Vicky Zhou, Angela Chen, & Rebecca DamsteegtDavid Burtenshaw, Vicky Zhou, Angela Chen, & Rebecca DamsteegtDavid Burtenshaw, Vicky Zhou, Angela Chen, & Rebecca Damsteegt

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