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Tiny House Design Competition

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Christine Smith, LeAnna Jackson-Gilmer, & Tommy Minh Nguyen

ID: 1430

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ID: 1430
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In the absence of modern technology, our tiny home reconnects us with ourselves, partner(s), and family by extending into nature and within—a collective refuge providing an intermission from the increasing globalization of the world we inhabit. Minimally designed, so daylight embraces us with a soft touch of warmth while framing the environment’s natural sways - a frozen moment captured and uninterrupted.

From an initial glance to habitation, our home invites you into your home. An irrefutable question arises - are we prioritizing what’s important?
This refuge invites and allows strangers to co-exist with others, whether it be a brief or prolonged period. A home’s importance is no more than the intrinsic value belonging to its inhabitants, and as such, a reminder that time supersedes life. And so, this collective refuge is a temporary location for individuals seeking to revitalize and wake up from the lull that rapid globalization placed on us.
Our proposal offered two living experiences; the teeny house or the tiny home.

Each teeny house in the retreat serves an individual or couple by providing the simplest necessities; a bed, shower, closet, and a workspace.

The tiny home features those necessities with the inclusion of a kitchen, occupiable roof, and greenhouse. The tiny home supports the retreat’s dietary needs through the greenhouse, compost, and cooking, which a couple or small family operates. Now, the greenhouse becomes a pivotal element acting as an intermediary portal from the exterior environment to the main house, as well as providing sustenance.

Just like two living experiences, our design upholds two thoughts. The first, minimizing technological reliance through immersing oneself in the natural environment. The second, encouraging designers with their vehicles or tiny houses to travel to our site to stay, recharge, and re-envision their creation.

Art is collaborative; being home is an Experience; The Experience is Art.

Christine Smith, LeAnna Jackson-Gilmer, & Tommy Minh NguyenChristine Smith, LeAnna Jackson-Gilmer, & Tommy Minh NguyenChristine Smith, LeAnna Jackson-Gilmer, & Tommy Minh NguyenChristine Smith, LeAnna Jackson-Gilmer, & Tommy Minh Nguyen

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