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Tiny House Design Competition

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Ariana Irizarry & Jhonriel Ramirez

ID: 1428

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ID: 1428
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For our dream tiny house, we wanted to create an artist’s cabin retreat. A place where we can unplug from our busy lives, let our minds relax, and seek inspiration from nature. We placed the tiny house on a lake shoreline that is serene and sequestered in a dense temperate forest.

We first began with the generic monopoly house shape. An extrusion of what is typically considered the “standard” house. We then elongated it, and manipulated the roof to create skylights. We placed openings to frame the views of the lakeside shoreline and to open the interior spaces to the elements. Our tiny house is 15 ft (4.57 m) wide by 26.5 ft (8.08 m) long, and is about 397.5 sq ft (36.93 sq m). Within our tiny home, we have a bedroom, workstation, bathroom, kitchen, and living space. We wanted the bedroom to face towards the lake, and use a floor-to-ceiling glass facade to create inviting and calming views of the water.

To minimize the need for excess furniture, we created a platform underneath the bed with built-in shelving where we can store our valuables and belongings. We also dedicated ample room for a workstation in the bedroom, accompanied by seamless shelves that run across the walls to store books, decorations, and art supplies. In the living room and kitchen space, we wanted it to feel intimate but not claustrophobic. We have a floor-to-ceiling window that bends with the slant of the roof to allow for maximum use of natural daylight, making the mood of the space change through the seasons. In this space you can also find clerestory and ribbon windows to let in ample amounts of diffused light, which are shaped by the form of the house. Next to the couch, we have a suspended fireplace for warmth during the night and to bring a sense of modernity to the space.

The material palette for the house, which is composed of varying wood grains, concrete, and black accents, is simple, yet timeless. The wood invokes the traditional warm cabin feeling while contrasting with the cool concrete ceilings. The black accents can be found throughout the space in the form of cabinets, doors, and wooden shelves to bring an industrial feel to the space. The contrast of classic and modern elements in an idyllic setting makes this tiny home the perfect cabin in the woods retreat to inspire and reinvigorate any artist.

Ariana Irizarry & Jhonriel RamirezAriana Irizarry & Jhonriel RamirezAriana Irizarry & Jhonriel RamirezAriana Irizarry & Jhonriel Ramirez

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