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Tiny House Design Competition

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Carolina Luna Berardi

ID: 1427

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ID: 1427
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This house  wants to be placed  in a natural surrounding close to Stockholm in Sweden.

Sweden is  a country with long, cold and dark winters and bright summers.

It follows the size regulations for transportation on Swedish roads, 9 meter long,  two and sixty meter wide and four meter high.

It contains both bathroom and kitchen and the possibility to connect to a local water supply exist.

There are solar panels on the roof to cover the electricity needs and a wood heater to keep the house warm.

There's one big window which can be fully open in summertime for creating bigger living room area.

The house is planned to be placed in north south direction with no windows in the north except a roof window which leads light in from north to the living room and both the small rooms on the upper floor.

The house contains six different areas, one for sleeping, one for working, one for cooking, one for socializing, one for bathing and one for indoor gardening.  

The inner shape of the house is like a Tetris play to use the volume to a maximum.

Carolina Luna BerardiCarolina Luna BerardiCarolina Luna BerardiCarolina Luna Berardi

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