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Adam Dwyer

ID: 1426

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ID: 1426
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The Writer’s Cabyn (98 square feet of living space) makes efficient use of space of utilizing a dual modular design, one of which can be omitted to suit the needs of the owner’s situation. It is designed to be a backyard office where full amenities are often not needed. However, if one wanted to build it away from their home in a more remote location, one could do so with the option of adding the bathroom module to the living unit, then making it suitable for full-time living. Both the living and bathroom modules are designed to fit a standard-sized trailer. The transportability of the Cabyn means that you could take your office or ADU with you if relocation is necessary.
By forgoing any loft area, the Cabyn remains at a normal, single floor height at both ends, making it lighter and easier to transport on a trailer. Also, this simple structure requires less building materials, enabling even a novice or budget-strapped builder to succeed.
Despite the single floor layout, this modular cabin can still be used for full-time living. As an office, one wouldn’t need to leave the place to go to the kitchen or bathroom between work sessions, allowing one to avoid the distractions that may arise from a drop in to the main house in the middle of the work day.
The 80 square foot living module feels more spacious with large windows dominating two walls of the cabin. Placed in the right location, the views through these windows at the desk and in the reading nook could inspire a thinker to dream. With ample desk space, capturing those mental findings down on paper can be more comfortable.
The inside temperature level, too, can readily be kept more comfortable here. Since the space is so small, it can be heated and cooled using a lot less energy and in less time. This overall design makes for easy off-grid living.
Under 100 square feet of living space with both modules combined, this size helps the owner avoid residential property taxes. Additionally, if built on wheels, it bypasses the permanent structure status. Of course, this is subject to the laws of one’s own municipality.
Moreover, this cabin can function without a conventional plumbing hook-up. Because the bathroom module is separate from the living area, it easily takes care of any inconvenience of having to use a “dry toilet” (i.e. compost toilet, porta potti) Also, the shower room being outside the living unit helps keep excess moisture from being an issue in the tiny home.
When both modules are joined, the bathroom unit creates a covered porch. This grants the occupant access to the bathroom areas without having to get dressed for bad weather since they would be shielded from the elements. One never needs to trek a hundred feet through snow to get to an outhouse with this cabin.
The tiny, simple modular composition makes the Writer’s Cabyn a cost-effective build for a workspace or an off-grid getaway.

Adam DwyerAdam DwyerAdam DwyerAdam Dwyer

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