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Tiny House Design Competition

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Tapuwanashe Diana Chikumbirike

ID: 1425

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ID: 1425
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Inspired by a log cabin in the woods, this modern design focuses on optimization of a small space to provide maximum comfort, without abandoning style and privacy. Such a setting was important due to its cozy atmosphere and proximity to nature. The goal was to deviate from the typical single story, flat roofed structures on wheels that have become synonymous with tiny houses. This tiny house is a 33m2 structure that is split into two areas or wings that are connected by a glazed walkway/passage. The right side is the kitchen and living area and the left is the bedroom and bathroom space. The reason for this was that the two groups of spaces are usually used in conjunction and so it was logical to group them together. Privacy was another reason. Separating the spaces brought about a sense of privacy that putting them all into one space would not. Use of reflective glass also adds to the house’s privacy without taking away from the views of the surrounding forest, an important aspect of the house. The house also features a butterfly roof, giving it a modern finish and effectively accentuating its features.

The house’s materials were also carefully considered. Glazing was employed quite extensively with the aim of opening the space up to encourage feelings of comfort in the user. As stated above, reflective glass was employed for privacy, thus amalgamating the two qualities. Lightly coloured walls were employed once more with the aim of opening the space up, as well as brightening it up. Creating a relaxed environment which would make the user forget that they are in a tiny house was paramount. This was kept in mind during furnishing. The modern furnishings give the house an edge without taking up too much space and so the space is breathable. Lastly a richly coloured wood was selected for a rustic, forest feel, effectively showing the log cabin style inspiration.

Tapuwanashe Diana ChikumbirikeTapuwanashe Diana ChikumbirikeTapuwanashe Diana ChikumbirikeTapuwanashe Diana Chikumbirike

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