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Tiny House Design Competition

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Marina Đukanović

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ID: 1423
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Tiny house does not necessarily mean poor experience, giving up on habits, hobbies or even collection of your favorite and most valuable postcards, for example. If nothing, a tiny house can give you a chance to explore, experiment, get creative with your space, possessions, and most importantly, time. It makes you think. Use your brain. Gives you control.
Situated on the hill just outside of town, tiny “V House” is based on using geometry, natural resources and new technologies, to give the most to it’s residents.
The shape of the house gives quite the archaic feeling, but really, this geometry is chosen to give the most in terms of space, storage, and also, use of the sunlight. One high wall and slanting roof on one side, gave the result of having three levels of the house: living area, sleeping area, and space for solar panel equipment, which is just under the tip of the roof. The height of the house interior is 6,00 meters, the height that gives the feeling of a larger space. Living area is an open space that has kitchen with multifunctional worktops that can be used as kitchen table or desk, bathroom, and living room with sliding doors, so, in a way, the whole garden is your living room. Sleeping area has a bed and the view. The whole area of the wall is used for built – in storage. Shelves, wardrobes, refrigerator and oven, everything is built in, in that wall, depending on the area of the house.
Using natural resources, sunlight and wind, came naturally during the process. No pun intended. Dual Sun panels, positioned on the roof, at the angle of 37° and facing South, provide electricity and hot water.  Wind tower uses old technique of air circulation to provide natural air conditioning. Cold and fresh air comes in, hot and used air comes out.
Having this type of house, positioned to have all this nature and natural resources, has one big request. Use the view. Erase the lines between inner and outer space. Invite the nature into your living room. Use the view as a wallpaper. Hence the sliding glass ‘wall’. Still, people need their private space and sense of security and privacy, so, technology of Smart Glass comes in use.  
“V House” is a tiny house, the one that combines old techniques, nature and new technology.

Marina ĐukanovićMarina ĐukanovićMarina ĐukanovićMarina Đukanović

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