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Tiny House Design Competition

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Manjusha SatishBabu

ID: 1422

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ID: 1422
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Mitouse is Located in India. The breaking the box concept and use of the flow of curves utilizes the area efficiently which is much needed in Indian cities for Affordable or community houses being built. It is inspired by the concept of cell division (Mitosis) hence the name MITOUSE. The sporadic nature of the house breaks down the monotony. The double height ceiling helps in capturing better sunlight and wind flow using passive design strategies. Use of green wall and solar power and capturing natural sunlight brings out the sustainability aspect of Mitouse. The Mitouse proves that even in a Tiny house luxurious living can be achieved and well utilization of space doesn’t make the users feel the need of moving to bigger spaces. The furniture in the house is customized keeping with ergonomics and comfortable living. Even if the user is a sherk or a giraffe the Mitouse doesn’t make anyone feel out of place by utilizing the height efficiently as well as the space. The Spiral staircase acts as the foci of the house leads to a balcony which is enriched by green space. Where the user can enjoy a cup of coffee with a book which acts as reading or even a yoga space.

Manjusha SatishBabuManjusha SatishBabuManjusha SatishBabuManjusha SatishBabu

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