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Tiny House Design Competition

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HOANG Anh Duc & PHAM Long Vu

ID: 1421

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ID: 1421
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The project is located on Hang Trong Street, one of the streets that still has the beauty of ancient Hanoi. Because of the small area, we also create the inner space with a feeling of not being confined, so the inner function is also simplified.                              
Due of industrialization and modernization, this beauty is fading. Therefore, we wanted to create a home that could keep traditional architect of the country but still ensure a comfortable and modern living environment. The façade uses wooden boards that can open and close, flexibly between the private space inside and connecting with the outside space. Tiled roofs are used to emphasize the tradition as well as to harmonize with the surrounding architectural form.

Hanoi is a city had many problem: lack of green space, air pollution, so we made small garden inside the house to solve these problem. This garden improves the living environment: renew the flow and quality of indoor air, allow direct light into the house. The views of sky,  and gardens is a highlight of this tiny house.  

HOANG Anh Duc & PHAM Long VuHOANG Anh Duc & PHAM Long VuHOANG Anh Duc & PHAM Long VuHOANG Anh Duc & PHAM Long Vu

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