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Tiny House Design Competition

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Ruby, Amelia

ID: 1418

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ID: 1418
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We are Amelia and Ruby, and we joined the contest out of our love for design, architecture, and most importantly, tiny houses. I’m Amelia, I love to draw, and the idea of living in a tiny home has always been appealing to me. As an artist, choosing color schemes, exteriors, and detailing has been awesome. I’m Ruby, (partner in crime), I’ve always had a passion for engineering, designing and floor plans. We’ve known each other for our whole lives, and every time we meet up, from camping to skiing, we always designed something. One of my personal favorites? An aircraft that delivers messages like: “Can you make pancakes?” to our parents! Over the course of the winter, we’ve designed a 401 square foot house, personalized for us. The tiny house is not portable, and it has access to plumbing and electricity.  We used SketchUp for the floor plan and 3-D model. (By the way, we’re 12, so we are just here for fun and our expectations of winning are low)

Why did we not want it portable? It would mean less space, and most likely it would limit our electricity, plumbing, and overall architectural freedom. We’ve tried working with vans in the past, but they were too compact and we wanted more room to be creative. It’s simply less practical to us. Another question we came across in our work, where would we want this house to be? The best answer we could come up with, is it depends. We’re young, and we don’t know when we would build/move in, which complicates things. A non-specific answer would be: an area with a  warm climate so we could utilize the outdoor space more. Although, we also would prefer to be in an area with winter and not just summer all year round. (From past experience: Ruby lived in Africa) Living abroad would be an amazing experience, but the comfort of your own country never grows old.

The house itself contains a loft (bedroom), kitchen, living room, bathroom and outdoor area. There are multiple windows, including a large round one and one that folds out and attaches to a bar outside. The bathroom contains a washing machine and dryer, a sink, toilet, and shower. The kitchen has a fridge, sink, stove/oven, and microwave. We opted to not go for a dishwasher and toaster, because we thought they’d be unnecessary. The loft has two twin beds, and storage for clothes. Finally, the living room has a couch, a chair, tv and coffee table. (only the essentials in our opinion) The ladder would be attached to the wall and lead to an opening in the loft. We like the open floor plan look because it brings a bright and airy feel. The front door leads to an overhang created by the loft, where a bar (mentioned before) sits with stools. Finally, acting as a support, we have a vertical garden/plant wall.

Thank you for considering our submission.

Ruby, AmeliaRuby, AmeliaRuby, AmeliaRuby, Amelia

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