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Tiny House Design Competition

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Issey Fang

ID: 1415

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ID: 1415
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Issey = Parents + Husband + Dog + Architecture
Gabriella = Trees + Sky + Cats + Camping
Taka = Band members + Friends + Music

Issey’s house = Living room + Bedroom + Bedroom+ Bathroom + Study + architecture models
Gabriella’s house = Kitchen + Bathroom + Balcony + Trees
Taka’s house = Living room + Living room + Living room + Bathroom + Guitar

Now more than ever do we realise what has completed our lives.
Connection + Connection + Connection.
Connection with others, and connection with nature.

The sudden and seismic pandemic has curtailed the physical freedoms we used to take for granted: to hug each other, to lie on the grass for a whole day, to drive around suburb during the weekend. When sweet home became a cage trapping everyone, human beings finally felt disappointed with how our lives stuck in a rut. This might be the reason why the rentals and sales for recreation vehicles and camper vans had continued to revved up after the lockdown. With the general context of working remotely, RV companies discovered the importance of setting up a dedicated workspace, for there used to be only one continuous room in the cabin.

But why? Why we have to obey the manufacturers to tell us what kind of space we need for our own home?

The question has given rise to a movable, adaptable structure which can re-adjusts and re-combines according to different places and situations —— the h+o+u+s+e. As the true master of your house, you can decide which “room”, how many “rooms” and the way of connection to form your own home. With different owners, these tiny homes could reflect different characters, purpose, and trigger various emotion. By connecting you and your friends’ homes together, h+o+u+s+e fosters a kind of social interaction and a special bond among people; a weekend jaunt with family conjures up a sense of co-living; a night alone with the forest creates a sense of solitude with nature. The tailor-made home on wheels not only embraces additional adventure and connection, but also the spontaneous trend towards design and propose a new way of living.

To focus on the beauty of nature, the h+o+u+s+e chooses to present the most concise appearance. It adopts fibre-reinforced plastic as the exterior, and membrane material of polyester fluorocarbon coating for the inner walls, which both mounted on steel frames and sit in parallel. Between the two layers, the recycled polyester insulator is inserted that allows a soft diffused light to enter the wall. The transformation system integrated within the trailer guarantees the units to move smoothly in any direction, while the design of docking port around each door enables the connection with other rooms.

Issey FangIssey FangIssey FangIssey Fang

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