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Tiny House Design Competition

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Edanaz Topaktaş & Sila Şi̇mşek

ID: 1414

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ID: 1414
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Today we are tired of the cities we are in and the roles assigned to us, and we forgot ourselves. We designed this tiny house to get to know ourselves again and go back to nature. It progresses by integrating the tiny house's plan setup into nature.

The east facade is completely intertwined with nature. The underground, earth and sky layers are assigned to functions in the fiction of the volumes. The structure is hidden in nature. We go on a journey in nature until we enter the building from the outside. It is located in the forest area. We do not notice the house until we go near the house. The land on which the house is located rises from east to west.

The building is placed exactly on the elevations of nature. Building is located in Ubud, Bali and is an area of 25 m2. Spaces have been created to meet the basic needs of a person. Since the aim is to find ourselves and integrate with nature, we thought the meditation field as a natural continuation of the structure. The roof of the meditation area is the green roof. Part of the bathroom is buried in nature, natural walls and sinks are formed from rocks.The materials we use are compatible with the region and completely natural.In The structural system, the traditional Bali structure has also been modernized.The ladder leading to the sleeping area becomes inclined when it is pulled, which helps to go up. The shower area is inclined at 2 percent, allowing the water to flow into the nature. There is a table integrated into the counter and can be used as needed. The sitting area and shelf system create extra storage space. The lightings are made of volcanic stone and opal glass carved from natural materials. This is our dream tiny house.

Edanaz Topaktaş & Sila Şi̇mşekEdanaz Topaktaş & Sila Şi̇mşekEdanaz Topaktaş & Sila Şi̇mşekEdanaz Topaktaş & Sila Şi̇mşek

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