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Tiny House Design Competition

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Tyler Kaszmetskie

ID: 1411

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ID: 1411
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This tiny house has approximately 330 square feet of living space and a small 38 square feet covered balcony which covers two floors. The main living areas of this house consist of a small kitchenette with a full sized fridge and a sink. This house also has a small living room, bathroom/utility room, loft bedroom, and storage space under the staircase. The house also contains several thin windows, including two floor to ceiling windows. These windows have a wooden sun shade over them that also acts as a security and weather feature to protect the windows. The loft and balcony is also surrounded by these same wooden planks, just more dense. We also have those planks running along the whole edge of the front of the house acting as a canopy for the balcony and the front door.
Within the bathroom of the house, there is a standing shower, toilet and sink. There is also enough room for a small water heater in the corner with no need for a furnace as heating is floorboard heat. In the kitchen and living room, there is enough room for up to 5 people to sit with some extra stored chairs. There is also a television for entertainment and three windows for a lot of natural light to enter. In the loft bedroom, there is another television and windows like the living room. There is also a couch which doubles as a bed, and a desk for a computer, books, and other office supplies. To get to the balcony, you must go through the loft bedroom, but there is enough room for two to three people with a high level of privacy thanks to the wooden railing.
Even though the house is small, It feels big to anyone entering the house with the open two floor plan. As soon as you enter you can see up to the second floor making the ceiling about twenty feet, just adding to the openness and the false feeling of size. There is plenty of nature that is being bought into this house and surrounding it as well. This house is not just built for comfort and and the size, but also for security and atmosphere. Each aspect and feature of this house were made with all the previous feelings and wants in mind. The number one priority was to design this house to these emotions, and everything has a reason to why it is the way it is.

Tyler KaszmetskieTyler KaszmetskieTyler KaszmetskieTyler Kaszmetskie

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