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Tiny House Design Competition

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Panggah Muhammad

ID: 1410

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ID: 1410
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The Location of the Tiny House is in Kaliurang peak at Kilometer 25 near Mt Merapi in the Bamboo Forest Area. Located in the higest north of Yogyakarta,  Kaliurang is the one of the fabulous place in Yogyakarta to enjoy the scenery of many peak and Merapi mountain. There are many interesting things can be found in the Kaliurang peak, like a bamboo forest, rain forest, monkey forest, beautiful garden, crystal pond and the savanna land. The temperature  is very comfy for almost every time. Many people come to Kaliurang Peak to live, meditate and refresh their mind from stress and daily busiest. So that's the few reason why we choose the Kaliurang Peak in the Bamboo Forest Area for the Tiny House Location

Panggah MuhammadPanggah MuhammadPanggah MuhammadPanggah Muhammad

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