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Tiny House Design Competition

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David Henry, Julian Sperber, & Huntly-Grant

ID: 1409

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ID: 1409
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The Tiny House is situated in the Austrian moutains, in Heiligenblut and the aim is to capitalize on the spectacular views while at the same incorporate the important sustainable ideas. The key endeavour is to utilize fully the environmental measures which will support Nature and to enable one to enjoy the special natural surroundings.

The amalgamation of the building components are envisaged in such a way to enclose this Tiny house as fast as possible. The use of CLT and steel structural elements can be transported with ease by Helicopter and located onto site. The various options made available by the utilization of CLT and their modules allow the different spaces to be configurated, according to site and location.

The construction approach derives from the main use of Steel and CLT, which is integrated into the overall concept. The solution will facilate a quick and light building, making this Mountain home sustainable. The interior space consists of light cladded timber with a blue zinc exterior cladding in order to protect this home against the harsh wind conditions.

This Tiny house has several stored tanks for water, thus making this construction self sufficient. The water collected can be stored within these cisterns and the thermal solar power generated from the roof will enable one to have a ready supply of warm water.

David Henry, Julian Sperber, & Huntly-GrantDavid Henry, Julian Sperber, & Huntly-GrantDavid Henry, Julian Sperber, & Huntly-GrantDavid Henry, Julian Sperber, & Huntly-Grant

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