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Tiny House Design Competition

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Wooden Shelter, Simon Waschto, & Leonard Schwab

ID: 1408

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ID: 1408
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The wooden shelter is for everyone who likes to escape from the city rush. 
A place where you can leave the business stress behind and enjoy a deserved rest in the calm woods.
The facade is made out of carbonized wooden panels. It’s supposed to make the tiny home to a hidden and secret place in nature. In comparison to that, the interior consists of spruce plywood, creating a warm contrast to the exterior material.
By entering the shelter you feel at home right away. The entrance area includes a fixed shelf with enough storage space for everything you need on a weekend trip. This area offers direct access to all other areas of the shelter, just like a distribution room. Even though it’s a very tiny house, you have several areas inside, which are divided through the functional core box in the middle. It serves the sanitary areas and also the technical facilities. The living area itself is characterized by a double bed and a small kitchenette. It can either serve space to sleep or offer a place to prepare a small snack or a coffee. For more mobility the bed can be pushed up to the ceiling via a pulley. This creates a free and open space for different kind of activities at daytime. From the living room you can also reach the extendable terrace of the house via folding doors. There is enough space for seating and a table to enjoy warm summer nights.
It seems like the cabin is designed for two persons, but it can even accommodate more - making it perfect to host guests or even house a whole family. There is another bed on a second level above the function box, which can be reached by a ladder from the entrance area. Highlight of this bed is a large skylight. This makes it possible to watch the stars from the bed on a clear night. There are different levels of privacy which can be generated by the variability of the facade. It’s possible to close all the windows with shutters. If it’s not in use, these provide protection for the house. Furthermore, the wooden construction is sufficiently insulated and guarantees a comfortable temperature all year round. Even though the wooden shelter seems to be inconspicuous from the outside, it provides a lot of special features inside and promises great experiences for its inhabitants.

Wooden Shelter, Simon Waschto, & Leonard SchwabWooden Shelter, Simon Waschto, & Leonard SchwabWooden Shelter, Simon Waschto, & Leonard SchwabWooden Shelter, Simon Waschto, & Leonard Schwab

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