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Tiny House Design Competition

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Joshua Liu Kai En

ID: 1407

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ID: 1407
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Just under 240 square feet, the tiny house, The Pulsatio quite literally translates from Latin to English as The Heartbeat.

Taking on a minimalist approach to its design and function encouraging a sustainable and intentional approach to living. Its simple geometry, form, size, & materials give the home a somewhat humble and simple character.

As a busy design student, I spend the majority of my time in school & traveling during the day. I needed a space that was functional, had adequate storage, low maintenance, and private. This helps me to pursue my dreams and aspirations of becoming an architect and designer.

The house is perfect as it serves as a workspace to complete my work & a sanctuary for me to rest. With its simple and functional design, it is able to meet my needs & requirements.

The house is divided into three main parts, the entrance, the living space, & the bathroom.

The entrance area serves as a transitional space between the outdoors and the living spaces. It is a space for me to get ready every morning before I head out of the house. It is equipped with a cabinet containing the shoe rack, additional storage, & the washing machine, & a bench.

The living space is equipped with a murphy bed, study area & a multifunctional wardrobe. The murphy bed folds down at night serving as a sleeping and resting place. During the day, it folds up to creating a usable space on the floor when I need more space for my projects. The study table is where I would be spending the majority of my time doing most of my work, therefore it is important that I feel comfortable & focused. The multifunctional wardrobe includes storage for my clothes, supplies, & other equipment such as a built microwave, and a mini-fridge. The sliding doors hide the contents of the wardrobe maintaining a clean & minimalist aesthetic.

The use of a combination of recessed ceiling lights and LEDs controlled by wall-mounted touch panels or apps on my phone, ensures that the home is adequately lit at night. And to keep the space ventilated, the sliding doors and the windows can be opened to allow for cross ventilation. A ceiling-mounted air-con unit helps cool & circulate the air.

Therefore, with all the necessities I need to pursue my dreams within a tiny space, The Pulsatio is the ideal home for me.

Joshua Liu Kai EnJoshua Liu Kai EnJoshua Liu Kai EnJoshua Liu Kai En

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