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Tiny House Design Competition

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Yike Zhao & Yixiu Wang

ID: 1406

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ID: 1406
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-Problem discovered-
 Under the overwhelming frustration of a sharply fall of resources, take a look at housing problems which are caused by the phenomena of increasingly occupied land for housing and higher threshold to afford shelters because of huge loans. Some modern cities like New York, Tokyo and Shanghai suffer from this situation. We have duty to flourish an idea to solve the problems.

 -Design formed-
 In order to create high probability of people’s living in their satisfactory houses and bring a new wind in the culture of our cities and improve the housing industry, we 2 members team suggest a hypothesis that if houses with perfect functional requirements can be small and docked by each other and also built on both land and water? We hope that this work can bring satisfaction to one’s hard life or work just like make people easier to have their due shelters and we design a house with of only about 34.4㎡.
 Enlightened by the concept of LEGO and space station, we designed a kernel module with a cube appearance for a specific function of any of the living room, bedroom, toilet and so on. Each module has 6 or less connectors divided into top ones, bottom ones and lateral ones that have the function of installation for other functional components like sealing ring for docking, skylight for light, air cushion for floating and so on. And these connectors can not only be regarded as the ends of the units but also corridors. The house we design consists 6 kernel modules with connectors of either corridor or docking module.
 And also, the kernel modules composing this house can have various types meeting different needs because they can be docked with any one without limitation. Even though this design work only contains a little area but has potential to expand. It’s just the topic of the amount of the modules you docked is up to your fancy!
 The reason why we call this work X BOND is that X is a figure that represents an unknown number which has infinite possibilities in Mathematical equations. Bond on X stands for its docking function and free assembling just like ‘chemical bond’.

 -Benefits given-
1. Capability to be settled both on the water and the land due to its air cushion and ground supporter.
2. High compatibility in terms of its high level of free assembling.
3. Possibility to solve problems of less space for housing and high threshold of purchasing houses.
 Finally, we hope that everyone can own its living shelter depending on our design work and if it can be a break in nowadays society and then, progress occurs.

Yike Zhao & Yixiu WangYike Zhao & Yixiu WangYike Zhao & Yixiu WangYike Zhao & Yixiu Wang

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