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Tiny House Design Competition

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Gerrit Knappers & Balthazar kiewiet de Jonge

ID: 1405

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ID: 1405
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A mysterious volume sits on the tip of an dike near Texel, a tiny house full of natural light, different spaces and a variety in height. The small 35m2 home, which is orientated to the waterfront, is divided into three blocks, each with its own distinct function. The architecture was influenced by the abundance of natural light and the breath taking views. The designed form is based on the different functions an is more suitable than a regular rectangle. The biggest space contains the living space and is kept completely open to maximize the view and seamlessly connect the interior and exterior. Functions such as the bedroom and the shower are hidden in separate spaces. When lying in bed of sitting in the living with the sliding glass doors open, it is easy to imagine yourself being in the most relaxing place on earth.

Gerrit Knappers & Balthazar kiewiet de JongeGerrit Knappers & Balthazar kiewiet de JongeGerrit Knappers & Balthazar kiewiet de JongeGerrit Knappers & Balthazar kiewiet de Jonge

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