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Tiny House Design Competition

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Camillo Marchionatti

ID: 1404

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ID: 1404
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The Crack is a design for a modular Tiny house, which can be built or placed anywhere.
Easy to build and to transport thanks to its modular design, is characterized by the crack that goes from side to side, to give natural light all around the module, from the living area to the bedroom.
The module, prefab in an industry will allow to have a minor impact to the nature around it.
It can be lived in two different ways, stationary in the same place, or the base can be fixed with wheels and be carried around as classic caravan.
The module allows to do easy modifications in order to design the the crack also for bigger groups, the internal height allows to build lofts for storage or for an extra room.
The interiors based on a central core, that divides the space between day time and night time, with the central unit used for the bathroom.
In order to make it integrate with the nature the external shell is going to be in natural black painted wood, in order to gain all the solar power can that trap. While the interiors are going to be in natural pine wood, so the ambience will give a sense of lightness and be well illuminated.
Thanks to the crack that divides the shell, the users will have the opportunity to do not lose one second of the beautiful nature around the module, and they will sleep every night under a starlit sky, like they are camping outside, all this, but in a cosy and modern tiny house.

Camillo MarchionattiCamillo MarchionattiCamillo MarchionattiCamillo Marchionatti

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