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Tiny House Design Competition

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Juan Alfredo Kronfle Ramirez

ID: 1402

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ID: 1402
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The tiny beach house.
First of all, to understand the context, I have to mention that the house has been designed to be located at the beach in a tropical climate zone of the world. Specifically, on a beach on the Equator Line (which I am very familiar with). In this zone all year-round weather is between 32 degrees at its maximum, and 17 degrees at its minimum. The small house has an area of 33 square meters, and 3 meters high to its ceiling and 3.90 meters to the outer cusp of its roof.
Since is at the beach with a tropical climate which does not require indoor air conditioning or heating, wood and bricks were chosen for its construction. Also, single layer glass windows are enough, these windows can be opened for natural cross ventilation in both the living room/kitchen area and in the bedroom.
The structure of the house is traditional to the design of beach houses in the area using wood and bricks. The design is simple with straight lines and in the kitchen part it was designed by taking an octagon and cutting it to give a more warm and homely feeling. The roof has a 20-degree slope built of wood which also gives the option that it could be decorated with dry straw.
The kitchen has windows all around. This is for the reason that on the beach with the climate allowing all year round to be outside, eating out is such a lovely plan. One can cook and take the food straight out the window for someone else, streamlining the whole process. The kitchen also has an island which joins the dining table for four, saving space.
The living room has a sofa bed to accommodate guests. It also has, a television for entertainment and music. The bathroom is fully equipped. The bedroom has a double bed, closet, nightstand and behind the bed a ledge. It also has 2 windows for cross ventilation.
The design concept with such a spacious kitchen respond to the cultural reason that where the small house is going to be installed, cooking is a very fun social activity where people like to get involved. Cooking seafood is something very attached to the culture and something where all the people like to help. Also, in this zone is normal to have all the species that are used for cooking in the garden. It is a small house that meets all the needs for family or friends for having a good time along with a low consumption impact in the environment.

Juan Alfredo Kronfle RamirezJuan Alfredo Kronfle RamirezJuan Alfredo Kronfle RamirezJuan Alfredo Kronfle Ramirez

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