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Nicholas Ooi

ID: 1400

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ID: 1400
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Dwell-In is a self-sustaining and efficient home for people looking to live off-grid comfortably without any compromise to spatial quality. It is accurate and easy for two people to transport and install this perfect home.  It is fully customizable. Owners preselect the finishing and arrangement of modules. All components and fittings are prefabricated and loaded onto the trailer. The trailer has ample space for loose furniture, services and equipment (eg. batteries, generators, motors, pumps, tanks etc).
It is substantially wider than most conventional container homes (25% wider) and easy to transport on a standard tilt trailer attached to a pickup truck. This ‘flat pack’ design has the lowest carbon footprint amongst all portable homes (900gm CO2/km lesser) because of its “one trip one truck” concept.
Floor guides on the trailer align the structures. All modules are accurately bolted together with ease. Transferring the structure from the trailer to the site is done with the tilt trailer and does not require any lifting machinery.
The pre-lasercut timber floor guides are used to create steps, platforms and vertical vegetable garden structures.

Nicholas OoiNicholas OoiNicholas OoiNicholas Ooi

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