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Gas Station of the Future Design Competition

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Neda Tahouri, Natanael Lopez

ID: 138

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ID: 138
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Eco Stations!

Gas station has been a symbol since many years but the advance of the technology and facilities, the commitment of living in a sustainable environment leads to the population to get an electrical car changing more than the habits and costumes the way how we perceive and use the gas stations that we already have known, for that reason this design is the exercise to seek a better future for this places.

In the beginning our proposal was set in two direction the first one is driving to the decentralization of functions and cars fluency in actual line order to generate a new spatial reorganization and car fluency in the zoning as we already known that this typology used to have, giving us the possibilities to rearranged the used of the new upcoming services and create a optimized way to interact into the space, joining the concept of mobility and connectivity that not only goes to social media and communication as well to the physic world through the use of commercial modules blocks (kiosk), and this new conception of mobile modules will bring us the capability to set different layouts on the space and the liberty to think different.

The new mobility and connection approach will give us the opportunity to charge our devices meanwhile we do our shopping through cellphones and at the same time the module blocks will project their advertisement through the building skin generating a new futurist way to do merchandising in consequence we will have the enhancing of the environment in this sustainable and green ecosystem that is reflected in the central part of our proposal where is supposed that people can sit and enjoy their coffees or just simply charge their devices.

The design proposal is a mix of open space and openings in order to include a wide range of users like pedestrian, car, drone, scooter, electric bicycle and the new upcoming technologies, that are appearing now, but we are maintaining one pump for gas car, due to this will not disappear suddenly or dramatically.

The second direction is related to the shape of a new cover for these places giving to them new skin for this new Eco Stations, emerging into a new conception of name and identity. This charging zones will not be only for energy, even though for food, accessories, coffee and other amenities but in a small scale allowing to the people that goes to their jobs a new fresh alternative with drive-through and other trendings solutions on the weekdays and in the weekends will transform into a enjoyable place for the families that are traveling or buying their goods.

Thanks to the new material technology advanced we can reshape the virtual conception of planes on the horizon that we remembered from the gas stations from ones that will be more organic and plastic generating the contrast in the urban context and creating the spot to catch the attention for the users, but more than that the aesthetics from the lightweight and strong structure conception of this new skin is connected with the aim to use the analogy from the natural patterns in this new ecosystem from the EcoStations!

Neda Tahouri, Natanael LopezNeda Tahouri, Natanael LopezNeda Tahouri, Natanael LopezNeda Tahouri, Natanael Lopez

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