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Daria Movchan

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ID: 1343
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I don't know what would inspire people more than traveling.
One of the most vivid memories was a trip to Georgia, Tbilisi. This is the place I depicted in my work-a view of the old town.

The Old Town (Kala) or "dzveli qalaqi" is located on the territory that was occupied by Tbilisi in the 12th century. It is characterized by narrow brick-paved streets running up and down, and typically medieval buildings made of brick and clay.

In addition to the general atmosphere in the old city, you can find buildings that are significant for the history of the city - the Narikala fortress, the Metekhi and Norashen temples, the palace of Queen Darijan "Sachino", the Anchiskhati Church, the Sioni Cathedral, sulfur baths, partially preserved fragments of the old fortress wall with towers. The age of these structures dates back many centuries. This is not just a historical center, but the soul of the city.

Its diverse architectural forms, harmoniously integrated into the relief, bright facades, numerous balconies, towering one above the other, look simply magical! This is a perfect illustration of a fairy tale that I saw live while traveling around Tbilisi.

Daria MovchanDaria MovchanDaria MovchanDaria Movchan

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