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Denise Trimborn & Miguel Iván Hernández Cobos

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ID: 1342
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“Mexico, for me, represents love, peace and everything that is magnificent and wonderful in the world.” – Juan O’Gorman

A phrase that only makes sense when you walk through its forests, jungles and deserts, when you immerse yourself in its rivers and seas, when you stay in its towns and visit its cathedrals and colonial centres. Get inspired by standing in front of one of its imposing and ancient pyramids and let the flavours and colours of the local foods around the country envelop you.
All this cultural universe which is Mexico can be observed in the wonderful mural by Juan O’Gorman in the central library of the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), created in 1956. A mural with more than 4,000 m², created with coloured stones from different regions all over the country. It is here where we can understand how important the muralist movement is for Mexico and where art and history is for the people.

Why is this place inspiring us? It emphasizes the artistic and historical value that you see just by sitting in the shade of the trees near the building and enjoying the cultural universe surrounded by the sounds of families and students walking around, walking their dogs, riding a bicycle or simply rushing to a class. It is one of the richest experiences you can have in an urban and architectural space.

Denise Trimborn & Miguel Iván Hernández CobosDenise Trimborn & Miguel Iván Hernández CobosDenise Trimborn & Miguel Iván Hernández CobosDenise Trimborn & Miguel Iván Hernández Cobos

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